Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Islamic terrorists take advantage of refugees' mass exodus to Europe

A CCTV catches footage of a killing in Paris.
The discovery by French police of a foreign passport reportedly belonging to a Syrian reinforces notions that the suspects in Friday's killing of at least 120 people, including a CSU student, may have planned it prior to the mass exodus of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Libya.

What's my perception on this prior to the killing spree that took place the second time around in France is that the killings were properly planned. After the botched attempt by a lone gunman using an AK47 rifle aboard a train, which led to the suspect being toppled down by three American servicemen, the killing in Paris graced newspaper headlines, thus shocking the international communities.

According to an Los Angeles Times report (Nov. 15): "The document raised the possibility that Islamic State militants have made good on their threat to enter and attack Europe from within the wave of Syrian refugees."

If they (suspects) indeed had infiltrated and disguised themselves as refugees is something that other legit refugees may have missed to notice. Capitalizing on the movement of people has been a desperate strategy for Islamic militants to get perhaps get even with the recent killing of their comrades. To them, shooting innocent Europeans in a soccer game was a valid disregard for human lives.

Now, the problem lies with host countries in Europe to re-think of effective ways to screen or spot suspected Islamic militants from within the thousands of refugees who are swarming Europe like locusts.
But how? Screening each adult refugee prior to entry will be hard considering that most, if not all, the refugees have no passports to show at the border. If they have, the border guards have no way of knowing the details which could take up so much time to gather all the information on a single passport holder. Even if the idea of proper monitoring is employed by the authorities, it will be a tedious and time-consuming act knowing that transplanted refugees cannot be herded like goats into a fenced property.

On the contrary, putting each adult refugee a tracking device is possible but it will entail so much expenses for the host country. Or requiring them to report to the nearest police station on regular basis will be practical, too. But this won't be much of a help as this will be an added burden to the police duties.

Going back to where I left off, the matter of security at the soccer stadium was lax. In the first place, each soccer game patron enters the ticketing booth to buy or handover his ticket prior to entry. If they were suspected of bringing rifles in a bag or whatever, it could have been detected by the security or tellers manning the gates. Otherwise, the suspects may have bribed an insider to sneak the said rifles inside the stadium's premises? Upon entry, the suspects went to pick those rifles at an undisclosed location inside the stadium.

I was surprised that nobody had noticed the suspect coming out from the dungouts with rifles in hand? Unless they disguised themselves as stadium security guards or policemen, the soccer fans wouldn't have noticed their sinister moves inside. With thousands of people watching the game, nobody stood up to topple them down. Then, the carnage was done in about 15 minutes with 120 fatalities laying lifeless on the ground.

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