Tuesday, August 9, 2016

President Duterte warns Supreme Court

Philippine President Rody Duterte has warned the Supreme Court that he would declare Martial Law if it gets in his way.

President Duterte's tirade emanated from the recent wranglings that involved certain judges who were linked to the distribution of illegal drugs in the Philippines. The names of the judges surfaced when Duterte read a list in public, along with some local government officials, policemen, and judges were mentioned there.

The fiesty president ordered those whose names appeared on the list to present themselves within 24 hours to the Director-General of the Philippine National Police in Camp Crame.

But the President Duterte's announcement didn't bode well with SC Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, who argued that the erring judges are under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, and not by the Executive Branch of government.

In short, Sereno wanted the erring judges to be investigated by the Supreme Court instead of the police.

Prior to this, local government officials who were reportedly linked to illegal drugs had been asked to clear their names or face sanctions from the government. The policemen involved in illegal drugs were grounded in Camp Crame while their cases are being investigated by the PNP's Internal Affairs Service.

The involvement of judges, local officials and the law enforcers in this illegal drugs trade is appalling to anyone's senses. The previous administrations had done nothing to curtail the illegal proliferation of this problem. News reports said illegal drugs that were seized by the police are recycled back to the market.

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